Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Broken parts in ships

After the performance improvement and other small additions in the mod, I have started to work in one special feature from the space models. It is one thing which I had thought in the begining of the work adding turrets with movement but it was one thing which it should not be started before most of the models had the turrets added.

It is nothing less than a damage effect similar to the models from the original game showing broken parts.

In a first place, I was thinking in some similar to the work made in the turrets where a part of the turret float in space after it is destroyed. But with things as the engines, it was too big and it did not look very well. At the end, this type of addition was added in a smaller level months ago. When you destroy a engine or shield, you see a small piece of it floating in space.

But the last work is different, after the explosion from a special hardpoint as a shield or engine, the ship loses a part and it shows a damaged hull.

Of course, this type of work take some of time per each unit. But I can imagine a big group of units with this feature in the future, specially the most known units. 😎

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