Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Playing at all the planets

Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Playing at all the planets

This goes to be the special feature from the new Insurrection GC. When you reach some point or you enter a planet, the game will stop the normal play and some new bonus missions will be loaded. These missions will be in planets which they were not added in the galactic map but they are present in the mod.

These missions will be a bonus, some of them will be based at historic Star Wars missions, most of them from Legends, other canon. But for me the Legends are more canon than the Disney universe. πŸ˜‰

Of course you will win credits, units or other things with them. The missions from Rebels and Empire will be similar but different between them. The story can be the same but the units involve different. There will be different units to the units showed in the original stories because it is more fun and it avoid severa gameplay problems.

One example is the first mission from the video where simulating the Black Aspid (the name from the interdictor if I do not remember badly) taking out the hypespace the Pulsar Skate. If I do not add another heroe as the 181 TIE squadron, to win the mission with the Empire would be a lot more longer. I have not added the Rogue Squadron because it is more a “what if”. Playing with Rebels, there will be them.

Fun instead of realism is always better in a mission. With this method, I can add all the planets which I could not add in the new Insurrection GC which it has 120 planets, not less, not more. At this GC, both factions will start with initial forces and planets. Next, after your victories conquering enemy planets, the time eras will change and other planets will be unlocked showing new trade routes and more enemies. It will be a bit different from the previous design which it was very similar to the Total War.

In addition, I have improved the weapons from the Enforcer and the Inmovilizer with more anti-fighter weapons.

About release date. It will take some of time. Months. Stay tuned. I will publish more things each week. 😎


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