Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Checking the new Insurrection GC

Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Checking the new Insurrection GC

The new Insurrection GC is almost finished, just it needs some of data about the new planets and of course the bonus missions. But I go to add all these things while I play it by myself.

As you can see CIS and Galactic Empire starts with a similar amount of planets, all them with the higher starbase and several buildings. Just you must reinforce them a bit and to get some more planets. Next, defeat the enemy conquering its planets and if you make it, the GC will jump to the next era.

With each era, some planets will be unlocked. In the Galactic Empire era, some research will change the time era.

Another difference, it is how the Rebel GC and Empire GC have some different planets. It is because the GC will be more fun if the planets unlocked are from the enemy.

At least in one point from the GC, both factions will lose several planets and the enemy will get a lot of forces, you will need handle these points. They are the Dark Empire era and the Dark Saber era. However, you will get some additional forces at these points.

As you can see, even without the bonus missions, the GC will be very fun. Different. In addition, I will add the new Legacy and Clone Wars GCs. And of course some new things, new units. The GC from First Order and Resistance are in development. It will be another funny thing.

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