Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – 4 Sep update

Yes, it is true what you are thinking, lately I have updated the mod more times than today. But today I have uploaded another improve from fighters/bombers. Anyway, the mod has received today 200 updates and more will arrive sooner or later.

The last update adds a reduction from the recharge time in the ability from some fighters/bombers. These abilities fired a special proyectile crossing shields and destroying a hardpoint with one single shot.

In addition, probably you noted how several bombers were useless because they had not the same abilities and their torpedoes or other proyectiles could not cross the shields. Now these other units add a automatic ability firing these weapons.

Not only the bombers, some fighters add a special missile ability. Perhaps it is not very as I wanted but it can be considered a work in progress.

For the record, the thing which perhaps it does not run with the fighters, it is the agressor turret but I do not know yet because it does not fire. Somethings take more time.

I have added a improve in the Insurrection GC. It should prevent some problems jumping between the Clone Wars era and the Galactic Empire era. But probably it will not showed in previously started games.

No one of these updates should crash previous saved games. More soon.

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