Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Sector Planets

This is my new proyect with the Insurrection GC. Always I wanted play a GC with all the planets. But with the amount of units inside the mod, it is not possible. The lag always is too big.

Probably you will be thinking how at other mods it does not happen but the other mods have not more of 100 different units builded by the human and the AI player. With a 1% from all the content inside the FOC Alliance. Probably you can run with a lot more of planets.

But it is the FOC Alliance where you have the 99% from the content which you can not find in other place and clearly I do not go to remove it. By this reason, I must find another solutions. The last is to create some planets as groups of planets. The ideal, it would be divide the galaxy by sectors but it is not possible because many planets are not from the same sector and the groups would be too small and useless if you want load a GC showing all the planets but without too much lag.

In the video, you can see how I have made groups from planets which they are closer between them. These groups will have a higher population value and they will let the higher starbase, space and land structure capabilities. The amount of credit conquering them will be higher and they will give you more credits per week. Of course, these groups will add the galactic abilities from all the planets in the group.

When you conquer them, by default, there will be a space and ground battle in one of the planets. Depending from the GC, it can be different. By example Scarif is in one group. You will play the the Scarif battles by default if you play with the Empire side. With the Rebels, you will play at Ukio.

In addition, each of these groups will launch several bonus missions in the other planets. They can be missions from the type of Luke Skywalker finding Yoda or attacking Scarif. Things like that.

I believe how this method will add a lot of fun and It will add a lot of strategy conquering these groups. There are many chances from to see new space and ground maps for these missions. The amount of additions can be huge.

About the groups seen in the video. With exception from the missing trade routes and the positions from names, they are as you can see. At a first moment, I wanted add these names but they are too long. Probably I will use other things. The name from a real sector, the name given by me, things as Kuat Sector with a description from the planets in the sector look as a better choice.

Anyway, I have made 14 and I go to need a lot more if I want add a GC with more or less 120 planets but showing all the planets. It takes a bit the addition from each model with the code. I was not easy and it needed a day researching how it could be added but I could discover a way for it, adding all them with all the graphics, the rotation animation and more.

Well, I suppose how I will show you more at one week more or less.

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