Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Status update

More progress. This time, I continue working with the GC where you can watch all the planets and to play with them as sectors.

As you can see, the names from them do not show real sectors at 100% and they do not show the names from the planets inside. It is not possible because the text size is limited. Instead of this, I have added the planets from these sectors inside the planet description.

Now I have completed it with trade routes and names. With all the sectors. More or less 120 real planets but showing the graphics from all them. It looks good, there are a few errors but nothing which I can not fix.

These sectors will give you the credits, population, conquer reward and abilities from the planets in the sector. The space and ground battle will be from one of these planets but…….both maps can not be from the same planet.

If you destroy a sector with the Death Star by example, you will destroy the most relevant planet from it. Only this planet will be showed as destroyed.

About bonus missions. Depending from the time era, you will play some bonus missions at planets from these sectors. Sometimes even when you conquer these sectors. It will be similar to one campaign.


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