Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Status

As always I am a bit persistent. As many other things, somethings require a research. After test many different things and study the game behaviour, I discovered how improve the performance playing a GC as the Rebellion with all the planets. In fact, part of the discover was by accident and thanks to one player speaking about play without problems this GC.

The main point could be avoid the AI from advance too fast conquering, building and more. Now it goes slow but it is enough fun. However I do not go to lie you, if you are very fast, probably you can conquer the galaxy before the AI gets more of two new planets.

For resolve it, in the future versions, I go to add more Pirate planets in the key points from the galaxy where you must fight a bit and to lose some of time. Making the game a bit more difficult.

Do not be wrong, I will continue the GC by sectors. By default, GCs with less planets will be more difficult and they will run different than the GCs with more planets.

This is another point from the mod. Some people say how some heroes are invencible. If it is false, they can receive more damage but with the correct weapons, you can defeat them.

At this video, you can watch how Luke Skywalker is defeated several times. There is a difference between report a problem and be sure about a problem. People reporting Luke as invencible were reporting it playing Yavin vs the Death Star and they fully ignored how the problem could be another thing. πŸ˜‰

At the same time, some additions, the Colossus receives a weapons upgrade. It does not go to be the last ship with weapon improves. 😎

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