Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Mod status

Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Mod status

Well, another week and I continue mostly improving the last Insurrection GC. It is a bit long by the amount of changes. Mostly improving the gameplay and the AI behaviour.

There two curious things that I have made the past days. First with a galaxy where the AI, specially the CIS AI started with planets far away some from the others, I needed improve it. My solution was create hidden trade routes around the galaxy, in the borders. They are not fast routes but you can go from north to the south of the galaxy. It should improve the movements from the AI and the human player can use them but probably you will not see them if you have other faster routes.

The other thing is the building speed, I have reduced it and it can be increased building things as the shipyard updates or more factories from the same type. It was a feature added in the Rebellion GC but it did not work before very well. Now it works. It will increase the strategic options.

More additions are the neutral planets controlled by neutral forces. It prevents you from conquer the galaxy very fast.

About other things. I have added some new units as the Resistance Y-Wing, the First Order TIE Baron Interceptor and improved the Malevolence with turrets.

There are other additions as some ground maps changes for Siskeen, improves in some AA weapons and the targeting priorities from some ships, specially corvettes.

I have recorded as always a small video showing some of this. I will continue working in the mod and perhaps before Xmas I release a new version with a lot of changes.

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