Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Galactic Conquest Perfomance

From all the things added in the mod, there are nothing more important for me than the Galactic Conquest and the perfomance from it, it is the most important feature.

This big part from the mod is everything and by this reason people tell me only suggestions about new units, I do not give a shit to their suggestions, it is the true, just I will accept a new unit suggestion is you deserve it. Because you helped me with something after many time helping me or because you made a donation in my web site.

If not, I do not go to give a shit about the suggestions from people which clearly are not playing the mod and just they are interested in use my work for their private mods because they have not the skills or the time creating new units, or very probably both reasons.

Returning to my main goal this year, it was improve the galactic conquest perfomance playing at least with 120 planets. It is not a easy or fast work, I have made a lot of test trying several things and the best is what you see in this video. An AI building just a few type of space or ground units which they deploy other units in the battlefield.

In space by example, the CIS AI builds 3 special units which they can deploy 6 different other units each of them. Special units as Dreadnoughts are not builded from this way and they have building limitations. The Malevolence by example is builded one time only. The Geonosian Pinance is not builded in a higher number than 5.

These limits help a lot with the performance because when they AI builds a lot of different units and it starts to move them around the galaxy, the lag arrives and the game is not fun.

These units deploying other space units have the fleet unit class but they do not add descriptions about what they deploy. I prefer do not add them because in time I can add random deployed units to them.

The ground teams builded by the AI work in a similar way but they say what they deploy and the numbers builded by the AI must be bigger if we want see the AI invading enemy planets.

As you can see, there are several pirate systems, by default, the AI would not attack them, just sometimes and they are more thought for the human player with special space and ground battles as you will see in other news.

The performance is very good, you can play even to double speed. The amount of attacks is correct, obviously as usual, the new beginnings are difficult and you will lose terrain against the AI. Other way would be less fun because if you start without any difficulty and you ends with a large army, everything will be too easy.

Well, I will publish more videos about this GC after play more time the next days.

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