Close Combat The Bloody First – Veteran – Caen

Close Combat The Bloody First – Veteran – Caen

First in game video from this new map and from this new version playing the most relevant battles from the Commonwealth + Carentan with the US forces.

First remember how it is a work under development and it is the first time that I play the Caen map. It is a difficult map by the river and other things. The map editor is good but not perfect, specially with a element named open ground adding these small shrubbery. I will recomend in the future disable this graphic addition in the options if you play the mod.

The developement from this new version has taken a lot of time waiting some new additions in the game and adding many new units. There are new infantry and new vehicles.

Lately I have been working in the Achilles, Churchill Cocodrile, Churchill Avre, Crusader IV, M5 Stuart, Mark IV C,  Firefly, different versions from the Sherman V, the DD and the Crab, a lot of new units. It takes less time convert the models at 3D max than create the code searching info about the weapons and more. Specially the weapons take a lot of time because the data in the internet about these, it is a shit, just it, there are very few data about many weapons.

About new unit icons, they are mostly as you see. I have not plans for to make them different. It has taken me too much time search the most correct way without replace all the original icons.

There are new voice and sound files. Specially the new sounds only work in the last open beta from Steam but I hope how it will be added as a normal version soon.

Well, enjoy the battle. More soon.


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