Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Better performance

Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Better performance

New video recording showing the new versions from Clone Wars and Legacy era GCs under development but mostly finished. At these GCs, you will play with these factions under the Rebel/Empire factions. By these reason, the filters work better and there are some names which they are not changed by the names of the factions involved in the GCs.

It can be considered with less quality but clearly it has more quality. It does not suffer the problems from lack of scripts in the previous GCs.

But the main change is the perfomance playing galactic conquest nothing or very very few lag. You can watch it in the video. At the same time, the amount of attacks from the AI is more acceptable without overload you too much. However, the amount of enemy units in battle will be bigger. Anyway, the mod always added a lot of new defense options, you can suffer heavy loses in the begining but at the end, it is very difficult that you do not win. As always, play medium or easy level will be easier.

The mod is enough mature for a new update but by several good reasons, I go to continue testing it and delaying the update. Probably, I will add more features. 😉


  • przemyslaw sobczak

    hej zainstalowalem mod ale gdy w niego gram jednostki planety i nazwy frakcji wyswietlaja sie MISSING. moge cie prosic o pomoc ?

  • Tak, jeśli masz polską wersję to jest niestety problem. Zainstalowałem 3 mody na angielskiej i problem zniknął.

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