Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Improving Death Star

Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Improving Death Star

The past three days, I started a new SW Grand Campaign, it is the new grand campaign added in the mod. I started it checking if all the missions worked. As you can see, there are not mayor problems, at least not in my computer because clearly I am playing my last version and not the version at Steam from 2 months ago.

One thing reported several times, it was the Red Squadron and how it could not be killed at this mission. Now it is fixed for sure.

About the Death Star, I have removed the feature deploying it closer to the planet. It was unnecessary and now it spawns as other ships. Now it is more impressed because it arrives leaving the hyperspace and it gives a feeling about how big it is against other units.

I have been improving the Super Laser particle effect, the size was wrong after the last improve in the scale from all units. Yes, I have used some ideas from the Death Star made by Jeroenimo but I am not sure if I go to use the same idea for the ambient light in the fire. If anybody is thinking about because I do not use his model. Well, it was not thought for a Death Star moving as a ship with hardpoints.

Speaking from hardpoints. For a moment I was thinking the addition from turrets with movement in the DS but the difference of scale would be bad, useless. 🙂 It would be possible if the DS had trench and other parts which you could see from the orbit. It is the failure from the model at films. It is showed mostly as a plain surface but it has trenchs, I find it incorrect.

As you can see, you must search manually the position where the Death Star can fire the superlaser destroying the planet. It will takes more time and your DS will be more exposed to the enemy fire.

Yes, I reactivated the DS ability for to destroy a planet in galactic conquest but you must know how it was deactivated because sometimes the DS can destroy friendly planets. The recomendation is avoid this super unit defending your own planets.

Yesterday somebody at discord told me again as sometimes before about the AA turrets and how they can not kill enemy air units. In the Yavin land mission, I had 10 or more different air units and I lost most of them with these turrets. I name these opinions as personal tastes bad done based at bad judge about the balance, differences between units and how the game runs.

In the mod a much powerful unit as a ground B-Wing can get more enemy shots from a AA turret than a LAAT which it has not shields or heavy armor. It is named balance. There is not way where in a RTS you can make it better. There are not shield positions, values for parts from the armor, things do not work from this way as if it was a wargame.

In space happens the same. The shield and armor from units is a single thing. There are not shield or armor values from each side. The unique possible difference between units is get units which they can not defeat much powerful units at least at single combats. Just it. It is not unbalance. At the contrary, it is much better than a weaker unit defeating any unit.

Other times, I have seen people claiming how the units from Galactic Republic should be so powerful as the units from Galactic Empire. So bad idea because as minimun the units from Galactic Empire have most of them 30 years of big technological advances.

Another very common error playing the mod is how to think how some big ships are weak just because these units had not escort units in a battle and their size made them to be the best targets in the battle. A small unit can avoid a part from the enemy fire if it is at movement but a unit as the Supremacy can not make it, the Enemy units will shot it even with their eyes closed and by this reason, the unit can be defeated sometimes easily.

At the end, personal tastes got after defeats in battle will not be followed because they are as some ex-presidente claiming the victory, very false. 😉

Sarapin mission. Few days ago somebody reported how it did not happen. You can see how it happens. If it did not happen, I do not know what is the problem.

Yes, the mission is not balanced now. There were some changes in the mod and this mission must be improved. When I made it at first place, Veers had additional reinforces. Now I am thinking the addition from some Imperial buildings as a normal base. It is not impossible or difficult.

As you can see after Sarapin, you will play other missions. No problems in these.

Better parts in video:

Death Star improved 00:10 to 14:53

Red Squadron problem fixed 08:58

Land Yavin battle 18:22 to 28:28

Sarapin mission 29:45 to 32:52

Dekker Factory mission 33:39 to 35:15

Airam Shipyard mission 36:21 to 41:46

This is exactly the last version from the Death Star at this exact moment.


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