Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Before you win, you must lose

Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Before you win, you must lose

Few days ago I uploaded the last quietly because it was a fast updade uploaded before a hardware change in the computer. I did not want to make it without save the files from all possible ways.

The new update added many things but mostly a performance improve from the Galactic Conquest mode. Before there was the problem where an AI building many different units made a lot of lag.

The unique way avoiding it, it was reduce these amount of different units with the AI creating just small group of units which they spawn other units. It is the unique way.

This way adds the lightly problem where the AI can be at some situations very powerful. Improve this requires a lot of testing and small changes, more testing and again small changes. It can not be improved at five days.

However, I am sure how some players will find the game very difficult. But they must accept how before you win, you must lose several battles. If you start a GC winning, you will end the GC bored. It is a fact in the build of empires.

And in some point of the middle or the end, you will need some challenge more. If the AI can deploy larger forces, even if it has few planets, the game will be more fun because the alternative option will be the AI being destroyed at few seconds without attack you with enough forces to put you at trouble when you are consolidating your Empire.

This is the point from a stronger AI in the beginning, a game where to get more resources have a point of difficulty, not just conquer any planet and build ground mines anywhere.

Now as before I go to continue making small updates improving slowly these points from the game. The last update will reduce the timings getting reinforces in the starbases, the reinforces will be much better and the AI can not deploy so many ground forces. These changes will balance the game a lot.

In addition, you can build the Corvus Raider and the Corvus Raider II as single units.

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