Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – 21-23 Nov update

Between this weekend and today, I updated the mod two times. I know how some people perhaps do not like these updates because they can crash their savegames, before you express this type of concern, you should think how many times I have started several GCs testing new improves and additions. Your concerns about the updates will be very out of place if you want see the mod growing at features.

In the last updates I reduced the number of different units builded by the AI and I created special units from the AI spawning other units. This change improved a lot the perfomance in galactic mode.

In addition the space and ground battles were harder with more units involved and mucho more fun.

By this reason as I said before in other news. Before you win, you must lose some battles. But even lossing, they were very fun.

A big example about how the mod adds a lot of additional defense options where a difficult battle by the numbers of the enemy can end in a funny battle being a good challenge, it is the return to Lavisar and the defense of Bannistar.

The Bannistar station is a starbase seen in the old Rebellion comics. It was a Imperial refueling station in the Bannistar sector. As you can see, it counts with two powerful defense stations, the Iongun and Hypergun space launchers, you can get these weapons when you build the Super Stars Destroyers shipyard. In addition some units as the Mobile Constructor can build these things in orbit.

This video shows mostly the space mission from Hoth and in addition other battles as Nkllon. Nkllon is a planet seen by first time in the trilogy of the new Republic books/comics. It is very close to its sun and by this reason a starship receiving the light of the sun will suffer serious damage. To represent this in the mod was not easy but I could create an area from the space map where enemy ships suffer damage and they can be destroyed. From a fleet only a few will cross the area under sun. In addition bigger ships suffer less damage.

I have explained it many times and several people which they did not read the books or comics, they do not understand the point from the ships suffering damage.

The Loronar Strike Cruiser from the video was one of the additions receiving new weapons. It is much more useful now.

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