CC TBF – Veteran – Normandy chapter test part II

CC TBF – Veteran – Normandy chapter test part II

I continue testing the mod and at least from my point of view it is almost ready. The unique things which they need polish more can not be seen very fast and they will take time. It can be big mistakes in the maps. I do not go to improve each pixel. 🙂

All the other things look ready, I added some missing icons and now this can be played without big problems. Probably I will use one or two days more but not too much.

About the combat itself, you can watch it in the video, it is very fun and it remembers a lot to the old CC games. The CCV maps and my changes in things as the covert help a lot.

The German Campaign is very fun because the forces are more balanced. The option from follow one path very realistic was not fun. Specially the begin at Caen is more difficult because you have not heavy tanks and the mark IV H are great. In fact you will discover how at short range, they are not better than the UK tanks.

About things which I do not go to make better. Some screens can not be better or I do not want lose too many time with them because they are a big headache for nothing. By example the operation map. In the game there are just a group of coordinates for show this screen with the battles as boxes and rectangles. With this way, to create a screen showing all is very difficult. The position from some description text does not help.

Elevation problems in maps. I know, I could make a train or perhaps a long box. But at the end, it works, the elevations work in game and even if it looks ugly, it works. It is enough for me.

At theory, after win at Caen, you should jump to Carentan but the game is a bitch sometimes. Before I release the new chapter, I will check it but I do not promise anything. Perhaps I should make each map as a different operation. Umm….. 😐 I will study it today because if the game goes to jump after some of time from one battle to another in a different operation, avoiding to play several maps, it does not go to be fun. The funny point is play longer operations where your troops get experience and they need rest, repairs and more.

Well, another thing to resolve before release. 😉

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