Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – An alternative Death Star behaviour

Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – An alternative Death Star behaviour

The Death Star has been always a bitch. Originally in the game this super weapon had not its own movement more far from the rotation and it could not be destroyed. Adding these other features to the unit added a several additional problems, starting by a bad rotation and movement, bad targeting and the enemy units as fighters entering inside the 3D model. A lot of troubles only for a single unit.

By this reason I have been trying to get one thing better. More fun in battles. Making the Death Star as a normal ship fixes the problem where the fighter squadrons are fighting inside the 3D model. These small ship fly over the 3D model.

The rotation can continuing being a bit bad but probably can be improved. The unit targeting directly with the superlaser who know if it can be fixed because units with superlasers are always a bit imperfect with that feature.

About what changes, mostly the Death Star acts as the Eclipse or other ship with a superlaser but with two important points. The first is how the Death Star can not destroy a planet in battle and it is better because it avoids the Death Star destroying your own planets when it is defending or you searching that unknown positions where you can destroy the planet. Now just it can destroy the planet being in the galactic map.

The other point, it can be considered a glitch. It is how the Death Star is very big and it can not move around most of the maps because it can not find a free path.

At the same time and by the same reason, the Death Star probably needs be the first ship leaving the hyperspace if you want deploy it in battle because it is very big and perhaps you will not find a free green position for it.

Sometimes it can be spawned at the same time than other units but it depends from how many units have you and what type of units.

As you can see, there are good and bad points but from my point of view, if I can improve it a bit, it can be much better than the normal way. Other Super Weapons as the Tarking Station or Death Star 2 would work with the same way.

In addition, probably it is just a dream but I would like a DS where the enemy fighters could fly around the trench and we would see the turrets. 😛 At least I can add more weapons to it.

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