Close Combat TBF – Veteran – German offensive!

Finally I could finish the new Campaign played with Germans as the offensive side.
As you know, in the original TBF, the Allied side is the unique side making a offensive campaign, the Germans always defend, at least in most of the operations.
By this reason to get operations where the German side had the offensive and not only the defend which it would limit a lot the maps played, it was very important.
Now. The mod adds two campaigns. The Longest Day is the Allied campaign and if you play it with Germans, you will be the defensive faction. All the operations inside were thought to be played with Allied factions and never with Germans.
At the contrary, the campaign named The Longest Day-Germans (if nobody give me a better name) is set only to be played with Germans and it starts with a German counterattack at Caen. It can be considered a “what if” campaign.
Now. You must understand how the even if there is one Grand Campaign. This mod will be divided by chapters and each chapter must be played separately. There will not be a campaign where you can follow a path with the same troops.
It happens because by default indifferent from the side, if you play the Grand Campaign, it would starts in The Longest DayΒ  and it would continue with the version from Germans. I understand how it can be a trouble for some players. I should try to hide the option from the Grand Campaign. 😐 I will study it the next hours. πŸ˜‰ because I want release it today at this very ugly day (ugly weather today, very ugly).

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