Close Combat TBF – Veteran – Tanks fights

Close Combat TBF – Veteran – Tanks fights

I want put your attention in one of the more curious points from all the mod. The combat between tanks.

By the size of the maps and the amount of covert, the combat tanks vs tanks can be a bit strange, even sometimes bad if you are not thinking clearly.

First from all if you want be success. Experience. Rookie teams are a lot worse than veteran teams.

Second. The game is very realistic with the weapons.

Looking these points. In a very short range the 8.8cm from the Tiger can not be better than the 7.5 from a Sherman. It can create some strange situations and the player can think how everything are wrong. But it is not true and if you have read a bit about these weapons, you will know how they were high speed weapons and they were not so good in a short range.

At the same time, weapons as the 10.5 from the Stuh 42 can be very good against a bad armor and fired by a team with many experience.

Playing with tanks, it is the main difference with the old CC games. In the older games, you could see these situations but they were strange, the weapons were not so realistic as here.

In addition, in the older games, there were not different ammo. There were a single ammo making different type of damage.

Now, there are different ammo and each unit has its own ammo making its own type of damage.

These are somethings which you must have at consideration playing this game.

I have recorded a new video showing the combat with tanks. Be cautious is important. 😉

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