Close Combat TBF – Veteran – Normandy chapter improve

Close Combat TBF – Veteran – Normandy chapter improve

These days I am working in better campaigns. The main change is the main force. Before your main force did not change when you played in a different map. Now it will change and at the same time the enemy main force will change.

I have recorded two battles and a half showing how when you change of maps, not only your support units changes, if not at the same time the main force.

Of course, sometimes your main force will not change after several maps. The enemy follows the same rule.

Other change is the amount of support units from the enemy in the German campaign because they were too much and it created two problems. The first, the balance with an enemy very powerful and the second a enemy showing less different units.

I will continue making improves in the campaigns the next days. Making it better and better.

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