Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Thinking restore old features

Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Thinking restore old features

One of the features more unique from the mod, it is the use of fleets spawning reinforces. It is a old feature which it has seen several changes with the past of years, most of them trying improve the mod.

The biggest change with this feature was remove the option from to get reinforces where if you have the higher pop cap (45), they were moved to the reinforces list. For years the code from it works without problems but in some moment from the Windows 10 updates, the code started to give problems and it crashed games in end of the battles. At this point, I replaced the code.

Now I was thinking if I can return the older code only with some of the fleets. What has it changed in the main game? with the last patch there is not a bug where you could not add more of 20 units in the reinforces list by example. This and other things perhaps have improved the game. Anyway, this feature must be tested.

In this video, the reinforces can spawn more than the 45 population points at space but in the final version would be limited. There are many other units spawned in battles. You can watch in the begining the new Total War start. It can be made with all factions, there are not limitations.

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