Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Mod status

Time to a “small” preview about the mod status. At this moment, I think how it is very advanced and just it requires improve some small things. I do not go to give a date but mostly it requires a fast clean fixing small problems.

You can watch in the video how the previously named FreeSide has been divided in the Corporate Sector, Chiss, Hapan and Hutts faction. I will add more units to these factions after this update.

At Galactic Conquest, I am playing Total War, the most difficult GC which it should not selected by rookie players, at least never with all factions as I do in the video because it will be very difficult. You can note how now you can select all the factions, just the Insurrection GC will continue being a bit different.

Anyway, time is running and I will upload it soon.

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