Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Status IV

Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Status II

Continuation from the test playing the Total War GC I with all factions activated. Probably the most difficult GC ever. But it is the real challenge. Say things as “it is not balanced” or “I can not win”, it has not sense. This GC was thought to give a big challenge to the veteran players. It was created following suggestions from true believers from the mod, not suggestions made by new people who nobody know, who they enter in a discord channel and they start to launch opinions without gain points from me.

As you can see, I avoid to play impossible battles because at the end, I go to lose them and I must play more and more time searching small problems or things which I can improve.

Some of them is get running some of the new features. By example the accuracy and targetting. Now they work. One unit to be improved, it was the Imperial Lancet, it is a air artillery unit but it should not target with the lasers the ground units. At least the normal units. Probably I can not avoid it from target heroes because many of the units controlled by the AI are heroes, generic but heroes and it must be as this by a primary reason.

You will note how AA turrets make more damage in Air units but you must understand how I do not see a point about the opinion from how they must kill instantly enemy units. Fighters and bombers must have the option from survive a attack.

At few words, if you are a bad loser as Trump, better ignore the mod because it is made to lose, specially in the begining when you have few resources and you must create your empire. I read sometimes people saying how the AI is too strong in the begining but if it was weaker in the begining, how would it be when it has not any forces? obviously weak and nobody want an AI being weak always.

I have recorded games from the same GC in different computers, by this reason, the resolution can be a bit different.

Other things which you will note different from the last patch playing land maps, it is how there are impassable terrain, it worked wrong before. Now in maps simulating a starbase as the Toss Beacon ground map, the air units can not cross out the walls.

Another thing working a bit better, it is the autoresolve. It continues being a bit strange but it works better.

One thing to be improved, the Golan I proyectiles. Some type of proyectiles capable from produce damage around a zone from the enemy must be reduced because it can consume frames, it must used mostly in abilities or much more faster weapons. Anyway, this proyectile which it remembered too much to the Ancient weapons from Stargate, I wanted reduce the damage time ago by some more as a flak gun. Flak guns in the mod can damage starships and fighers, they can cross shields but…….the amount of damage is very small.

The Death Star. Finally I have made a good fire effect. One different to everything seen before.

Very finished is my opinion about the state of the new version. Just I was thinking to create a GC from Total War where all factions start with more of one planet. But it can take time and probably I will leave it for other future updates. It is not a priority.

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