Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Status V

Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Status V

After some stupid troubles playing with the Total War with all factions active, I have fixed the problems and continue testing the mod. I have been making other tiny improves at many features. There are many improves, I do not write all them when I change anything because it takes time but I have been making improves each day and I have tested several things.

The Death Star and other super station is one of the biggest improves. Now it has different battle behaviour. You can not destroy a planet in a battle anymore. It improves several things as to destroy your own planet defending. The movement from the station is better and ships avoid more enter inside the model.

The Death Star can be lost as any other ship in a retreat if it has not shields and the enemy ion guns have disabled most of it.

After the last patch from the original game, there are many things which they work better than before. I have spoken about the accuracy but there are more. By example the AI works better making its attacks. It is more agressive and now it uses all the features from ground maps as type of terrain, impassable terrain is avoided, weapons which they can not target some type of units, they would not fire these units, definitely ground battles have changed a lot.

The mod does not change the mechanics with this version, just it shares them with all the factions and there are not worse features as filters working with other minor factions.

Chiss, Hapan, Hutts, Corporate Sector can have less units than other main factions but they will use the same type of filters and they will require structures as the advance command center building ground units.

In time these factions will increase the number of units and these filters will be more useful.

About the AI. In space it continues deploying ships with fleet category which they deploy other units. The difference with before, it is how these units are more random at type and number. Why are deployed from this way? it prevents to the AI from to build thousands of different single units which they would overload the galactic mode when they are in movement.

In ground. The AI mostly builds generic heroes which they deploy groups of units. Why are they generic heroes? because it is the unique way where I can limit the amount builded by the AI and it prevents most of the lag in the galactic game.

I know. Most of the times you do not see the units destroyed in the debriefing screen after a battle. Perhaps it can be improved or not but I needed a lot time improving it and it reduces to zero most of the lag in the galactic mode. Now you can play maps with many planets without big troubles.

Multiplayer GC? I have restored it and mostly it is as single player small GCs. But probably I should make a GC where you play Legacy or Clone Wars era with the Empire vs Rebels as the Insurrection Galactic Conquest because if you play Republic vs CIS, probably you can not play. I am not sure at 100% about this.

For end. What happen if you have been playing a GC and you do not want a update which it would crash your older savegame? You can pause the updates probably but if the point that you could not pause them. Save your breath for you. I am not responsible from any crash and you should understand better the amount of work from this mod instead of protest by any update. Just for complete these patch I have needed to start several GCs by my self and play.

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