Star Wars Empire at War – With less units, can it be more as a Wargame?

Star Wars Empire at War – With less units, can it be more as a Wargame?

These days I read an opinion which I have read more times.  It says exactly this.

TBH i’m over the insane desnity of the battles in these mods, I preferred the tactical coordination of a few units, having 1000s on screen and massive ships dilutes the experience.

To a degree though, there are traditional RTS elements of Rock/Paper/Scisors. The rebel alliance in the base game with smaller ships but emphasis on superior fighters, the empire with firepower and numbers. Using bombers to take out capital ships, corvettes to take out fighters and capital ships to bring the heavy firepower. Zann Consortium relying on underhanded tactics, cloaking, or other exotic technology.

Is it true? no, really no. The balance in the original game is probably worse than in any mod. The idea about how the Rebel Alliance in the base game is centered in better smaller ships is not true.

Why? very simple. Most of the games, specially playing Galactic Conquest ends at you building the most huge fleet with the most powerful units that you can. There is not more tactic in build a fleet composed by 300 fighter squadrons which they will be passed by the meat cutter easily.

This is truly like that and I have not told you nothing about how the combat with starships are. It goes from bad to very bad because any big unit can be destroyed by other unit and the game value more the quantity than the quality.

All these opinions abouit how the empire has more firepower and numbers or Zann Consortium more underhanded tactics are a dream because any Galactic Conquest game ends in a massive battle. I can understand how control three type of units is easier than 20 type. It is true. But in the vanilla game there are not a complex damage system making big differences between units and 100 Nebulon B can defeat a Super Star Destroyer as the Executor. It is a fact.

In mods as the FOC Alliance Rebellion, there are differences between weapons, fighers, bombers, starships and more. Most of them are set by the most modern technology. That opinion about how battles are not balanced and controlled more by the quantity, it is a lie and more from people which they have not played too much.

My mod is not a Wargame, it is a fact. No one can be a Wargame in a game where there are not shield/armor values for the left/right/top/bottom/back/front sides from a unit. This would add the piece of neccesary realism.

But at least there are differences between units, enough differences to avoid battles where you can win only with a bigger amount of units.

I have thought more of one time the creation from a smaller mod with less units as a Wargame but…….why? because at 14 years, I have tried many things, more than most of the people, I know how it would be a complete lose of time.

There are many limitations in the game for this. However, I continue thinking about this. If I would make it and probably I do not go to make it because nobody go to pay me the thousands of additional hours. The best way would be as a Submod from the FOC Alliance Rebellion.

Now thinking. These would be my changes.

-I would limit the amount of units in a battle drastically. In space. In ground 10 is a correct value.

-I would limit the type of units and I would make a much more limited tree of different units. Now thinking. The game has a tech tree, I should make one day, some like that from the mod as a manual. Clearly it would help to many people. Why not?? time, my free time. I have only two hands.

-Specially space battles should be more based in tactics where a superior unit can defeat a much weaker unit.

After the three thought you can see what lose of time was this analysis because with the exception from the amount of units in battles, there are differences between them in the FOC Alliance Rebellion.

Some people will not accept it but the mod is mostly created as a card game. In a card game, less powerful units can not defeat most powerful units, at least without some big conditions as the quantity. In my mod, before it was not possible but finally I added the chance.

Judge by yourself. Less units would not make the game more tactical than this. 😉

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