Star Wars Empire at War – New update ready

Star Wars Empire at War – New update ready

The next update has been released. It fixes the problems added with the last patch from the original game released at January 2021 and it adds several additions to the mod.

Let me resume you some of the new additions.

With the new patch not only you be able play with the Chiss, Corporate Sector, Hapan or Hutts as single factions, the Galactic Conflicts where you choose the Republic, CIS, Fel/Ga and Krayt Empire as factions are active again. Only in the Insurrection GC you can play an All Era GC where you must choose the Empire or Rebel Alliance but starting in the Clone Wars and finishing in the Legacy era.

You go to discover some new units, stations and more for the new factions.

The Super Stations as the Death Star bring you new models with better designs, graphics and weapons. Now playing with these Super Weapons you can not to destroy a planet inside a battle, it will be possible only with ability in the Galactic mode. It is better because the performance inside battles is a lot better for these super units.

There are a lot of changes in weapons from ground and space units. Many performance issues have been fixed.

Anti-Fighter weapons as the Lancer weapons are now much more useful. By default only these weapons and the Flak weapons target fighters/bombers in space and according to the Star Wars UE, ships as the Lancer Frigate were letal. By this reason, these weapons are letal for these small units.

Flak weapons produce small damage in fighters and ships and they are more weapons to disrupt the enemy attacks than destroy. By this reason they are not so letal.

In space all the Fighters/Bombers have much more balanced speeds. It improves a lot the space combat with other fighters.

If the Lancer are letal in space, in ground the AA weapons will be letal for most air units with exception from the most shielded fighters/bombers which they can survive a bit more time.

Some ground heroes are a bit weaker now.

About new units, the Imperial Quasar Carrier and the additions in the Rebel version or three new ships for the Chiss. Some others in other factions.

The mod is more epic than before. There are small and bigger battles.

A fast review about all the GCs in the mod.

This is a new skirmiss map made as the Battle of Endor from the Star Wars Grand Campaign added with the mod. In addition the space map has the double of size, it is a new feature from the last patch.

Probably I will continue added new skirmiss maps in the future and more additions, do not worry, this new update will crash your savegames for sure but in the future, I will not update the mod if it crashes GC savegames, at least in two months. Just I will continue adding small improves. It can be new units, fixes and more.


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