Game incursion – Star Wars Battlefront 2

Game incursion – Star Wars Battlefront 2

Yes, I had not played the Star Wars Battlefront 2 before because I was not sure if I liked it and I am not rich. But few weeks ago, it was sold for free in the Epic store and I bought it by $0. More of 10 millions of people bought it by $0.

I so sorry EA but if you had sold it by 1 dolar, you had won 10 millions. Clearly it was a lack of perspective but good for us. 😀

I had not played a shooter for years after Force Unleashed and in the time, I did not like it too much. But with the BF2, I liked the story from the single player campaign because it follows the events from the three Aftermath books. I recomend you read these books.

From BF2, one of the most curious and fun things is the space combat. In some missions, you can control TIEs or Xwings by example as you can watch in the video where I fly one of the last missions. Have fun. I should use the joystick but in easy level, the mouse is enough. At the end, I have a wireless mouse, a Logitech G603 and it makes movements easier than a wired mouse.

Compared to Star Wars Squadrons, to fly a Xwing is easier but there is a piece of thing different, at least in easier level, in the Squadrons game, you can not crash your fighter against a starship, at BF2 it can happen. Different games, different difficult levels. Anyway, I am not the guy who he wants a very difficult game because just I want enjoy my time with the game. Nothing more and probably I do not go to repeat the campaign. One time is more than enough in this game.

Of course I have found it interesting by several reasons more. By example the ISD turrets and position of weapons, you can note how I had taken some notes before. There are more, always I learn something new or I have a new idea when I play a game. 😉

Other very interesting thing, it is how probably JJ Abrams had played Star Wars Battlefront 2 before he made the Episode IX. Because as you can see in the video, there is a mission where you attack the outside from an ISD. Very curious and similar. In fact, all the scene is very similar, if you change the type of ships, the type of planet and few more, you get very similar to the battle of Jakku in the game. 🙂

If you want to know, in the Aftermath books, the origin from the battle and the main story, it was a battle mostly outside the planet.

Well, this is the video recorded. I recomend you play the game if you have not made it, it is cheap lately.

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