Star Wars Empire at War – Supremacy devastating everything

Star Wars Empire at War – Supremacy devastating everything

The Supremacy is one of the biggest and most powerful units in the mod, it is clear. But as all big units, it is a target perfect for blinds and by this reason it will suffer more damage than other smaller units in a battle. However when the enemy has not enough units, it is perfect attacking.

Tt is as a blanket devastating everything in the space map. With the last EAW Steam patch (january 2021), some type of weapons can damage more of one hardpoint at the same time and by this reason, the green big shots from the Supremacy can defeat slow star destroyers with few shots.

Of course, this weapon is bad for smaller units and the Supremacy has not defense against a fighters attack. More now than the accuracy effect runs perfect.

I recomend you watch this battle, it is very impressive and fun.


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