Star Wars Empire at War – Star Trek Alliance – Test II

Star Wars Empire at War – Star Trek Alliance – Test II

Time for another battery of test after finished all the work with the TMP era ships.

First the FBB vs FCX. The FCX is a dreadnought and it has so heavy weapons as the FBB. In addition, it has powerful abilities. Watch and judge.

I could defeat it but I suffered several damage. Everything look much more balanced because now the shields recharge is not so much powerful but it can recharge shields if you move away of the enemy. Movement, firing arcs, everything looks perfect. It is not a Star Fleet command with its slow combat but it is very close. In fact this combats remember more to the fights seen in the Dominion War with the Deep Space 9 tv serie.

Time for another combat, this time with the starships from TMP, all them vs all them. Even I added the Okinawa class, a small frigate seen in the Star Fleet Command games. Compared to the Oberth class, inside the mod it is more as a combat frigate.

Fast, difficult, yes. But good because the AI can defeat me without be overpowered. Clearly it won because I could not set a good tactic and I lost my mind looking other things. If I had seen a enemy starship which I could not down its shields and it was mucho more powered than my units, it had been a unbalance match but it was not the point.

Time to test Klingon ships from TOS era vs Federation from TOS era.

Not bad, much better than before.


Another thing which I was thinking, it was the addition from some ships which I have not added yet. They would be the Saladin class from TMP era, a small destroyer. It is similar to the Akula but it can be a good addition. If I am not wrong, it has a version with one warp nacele. These small ships are important because they will be the core from your forces.

Well I will continue working in more improves the next days, probably from the other races races. It is a small mod but it adds a lot of content.

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