Game incursion – Call of Duty WWII

Game incursion – Call of Duty WWII

After finish the Crysis Remastered, I started to play a new game. The Call of Duty from WWII. As you know, I like World War II games and a shooter from this time period could be fun.

I started to play it more one week ago. At first place, I did not like it because in the Omaha disembark, I was killed a lot of times. The game is not realistic but the difficult is big even playing the recruit level. However, it is fun. But as you can watch in the video, I was killed a lot of times.

Specially difficult are missions or parts of them where you must make some strange thing as fight with a knife or drive a tank as you can watch in the final from this video where I left the game thinking to complete the mission another day.

The worse thing probably is the lack from a fast manual saving. Now most of these games are ports from console games and they use a auto-saving. Most of the times in wrong or strange places. At this game, I am not sure if it saves because you reach a point or because you advance in the mission. Anyway, it does not help.

Other thing that I do not like, it is the weapons. You can use enemy weapons, in fact, most of the times you must use them and I do not like the idea. Other bad point, stupid if the game is not really too realistic, it is carry only two weapons. The old idea from shooters where you could carry ten weapons was more fun.

At the same time, the selection of weapons do not run very well. But it is a minor problem. While I can continue the missions, I will continue playing, these are the style of games played by me after a long day making a mod where I need some of different fun.

I give to the game a 10 in graphics, a 5 in gameplay and a 2 in the mission creation because there are some missions which they are stupid or very bad. This mission from the final of the video driving a tank is stupid. The several King Tigers attacking you are crazy and the mission is not easy. At the same time the controls could be better. But what I could wait in a game where the vehicle control is so stupid. There is a previous mission where you pursue a train with a car (the German jeep, I do not remember the name) which it remembers more a race from the WRC. 😯

Anyway, I like this type of games from time to time. 😉

Not all can be EAW. 😉

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