Game incursion – Star Trek Armada 2

Game incursion – Star Trek Armada 2

Yes, few days ago, I played this old game released more 19 years ago. I was not sure if it would run in my computer but curiously, it runs and I have not seen any trouble.

I have played the original, there are several mods, some of them very modern which they improve the original game, perhaps I will try some of them other day.

I was playing it because I wanted remember some of the stuff added here thinking in the addition from the Borg in my Star Trek mod. For two years or more, probably more, perhaps at 2017, I asked permision to work with the TNG models added in the Star Trek Wars mod. For all this time, I have been slowly converting the models for my mod.

I have not changed anything from the models, just making them with the neccesary textures, hardpoints, collision and more things neccesary in the game, even death animations. Federation, Klingon and Romulans are mostly made. But…. I did not complete the work with the Borgs and I was not converting models from that mod, in fact, some models are not from that mod. The best sources were Star Fleet games and Armada 2. With some improves, models could look very good.

Returning to the Armada 2. It is a old game but it has a complete 3D camera. Graphics can look poor these days but they are fun. There are many good things at this game. Specially stations.

The game is very different to EAW, there are not galactic map, just tactical and strategy where you build your forces in a huge map colonizating planets, building orbital mines and more. It is a fun style. Different from EAW because tactical maps in EAW are only for battles, you do not collect any resource.

Now thinking, it would be a good addition tactical maps in EAW where you collect as a mission additional resources. It could be similar to the bonus missions added in my Star Wars mod. But the problem from missions is how many time they require. The development from any of these features take a lot of work. I have more than enough with the work now.

From the Armada 2, you will recognize some stations and other things added in the same way in my EAW Star Trek mod. As the orbital mines and more. Great game this old game!

I noted how I had selected a lower graphic level. By this reason, I finished the mission with the maximun graphics level and even I added the Armada 2 Upgraded mod. But I am not sure if it was well installed or not, I suppose that yes. Judge by yourself.


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