Star Wars Empire at War – Star Trek Alliance – Test V

Star Wars Empire at War – Star Trek Alliance – Test V

Another week has begin and I have added several more things to the mod. Most of them from special features and from the Borg. Some small fixes from other races found when I was editing other features. But mostly this powerful race from Star Trek.

At least I use a complete day making the best way for this. I tried a lot of possible additions and my best option is the Galaxy and Prometheus made as you see at this video. Both can separate their parts but they act a single unit. The Galaxy gets less damage from the enemies and the Prometheus makes more damage to the enemies. In the video, the Prometheus lost the shields when it was divided but it does not go to happen. Even perhaps I can try a feature where you can destroy each part. It can be difficult but there are chances that someday I find the correct way. At the end, you could see how I made it with some units from the SW mod.

The work with the Borg was huge at few days. I added the voices from Armada 2. Probably I will add more voices from this game for other races. Ah if you watch the videos, you will note how I improved the music with more parts. Even the Borg has a special music.

Yes, I have not made the Borg torpedoes, just phasers by the moment and obviously I have not added icons and there are some small problems. But the test checking the voices and the Level Starbases was a success. 😉 You will recognize the Level 1 Starbase from the Armada and you can see how I have added more parts for the different levels.

There are many work to be done with the Borg but it goes fast. These old models are perfect, they can be added with textures upgraded with a higher resolution, without lose quality. There are programs for this. In the past there were not this type of programs but now, this type of work can be done.

From these videos and the previously released, you can note how the balance from the mod changed a lot, there are not invencible units and units recharge their shields without increase the amount of time destroying them. The advantage from most powerful units over less powerful works perfect without be too overwhelming.

What about the power of the Borg? to show a race who it adapts their weapons or units is not possible. At least for me and probably for anybody at this game, even in other space games as Armada games was not showed. The idea from the combat with Borg was more as in Voyager tv serie where most of the times the Voyager could defeat smaller Borg ships but the bigger as the Sphere was too powerful. The same will happen in my mod. Without to forget how these units could rotate very fast and target all their weapons in the enemy. 😎

At the same time, Borg will add abilities as regeneration, not a big deal because the power to shields can be converted in a regeneration from shields and other abilities can repair hardpoints. There are several good and easy options for some like this.

About weapons, as I said, these type of things are under development and they take time. They have its special phaser as you watch in this video but I would like a special beam as we watched in films and obviously its torpedo.

About scale……there are several ships as the Borg ships of Galaxy or the TNG Warbird from Romulan which they are huge compared to the others even if all the units use the same scale. However, ships as the Sovereign do not look too big, why? because the Galaxy by example has a saucer section very big and the Sovereign has not some like that, in fact it is larger and different. These type of features can show ships which they have the correct length but they look smaller.

At the same type, the Sphere looks huge but it is 600 meters length and it looks huge. You must understand these points about different forms before judge the scale from units.

Well, this week I will continue adding more from the Borg. They do not go to add a lot of different units, more or less as we could see in other games as Star Fleet Command 3. These new races will be very similar to the new races as the ISC in quantity of different space units. And yes, I go to add a ground part from them with ground Borg soldiers, it is a fact, the ground part from the mod is very unique and important.

More news soon.

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