Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Status April

Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Status April

All years by my birthday, few days up or down, I release a more or less big update. This time, it will be smaller because I do not want release anything which it can crash an older savegame. This update will add at least four new units, two from space and two from ground.

At the same time, it will finish the previous skirmiss update with all working and running without problems. The skirmiss mode has been improved lately removing that AI building things a lot faster than the human player. It balances difficulty a lot. Now it is easier and you must not build all very fast. Other difficulty parameters will make the game a better challenge.

Now the AI does not overwhelm you launching super units in the half of time than you and it does not launch a powerful attack very fast.

Other change is the build tab from the main Starbase playing with the Empire. I have added the Venator and the Arquitens. But there are many chances that I make changes with it. By obvious reasons, it is better if the units are builded in stations than in other units. When other units build units, the AI does not use them, if you make a ctrl+A selecting all units, you see the last building bar added. There are some troubles with it. Personally I prefer the addition from some new pads in game adding more building shipyards or stations. It is not impossible or difficult.

Other lightly improve will be the increase from the space map size. Just a bit around the borders. With the last patch, I do not know what is the limit. I have made space maps from two times the size from the biggest space map added in the Alliance.

New units. You have known the Maelstorm and the Supercruiser.

There will be at least one unit and probably some more. One is the Arquitents Command Cruiser or Imperial version seen in the Mandalorian season 2 by example. This unit is a bit different than the unit seen in the mod and I go to add it soon.

Other improve is some particle effects. In one older version I reduced the scale from space units making bigger units more realistic but I needed reduce the particle effects very fast. Now I am improving some of them. The muzzle effects from some weapons as the turbolasers are one these new effects.

Well, I will continue showing more when I finish more of this new work. Stay tuned. 😉

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