Game incursion – Terminator Resistance

Game incursion – Terminator Resistance

This is my new game incursion. As before I play several games just for refresh my mind from other things. Shooters are very good for this because I can play one hour or few more, not as a RTS where the game is much more longer.

This time, I have chosen the Terminator Resistance, the last game and probably the better from this franchise. This game was released at 2019 and it was critized, specially in the PC version by not be too good and specially have older graphics. However, it is a port from playstation to PC and by this reason, graphics could not better. Anyway they are correct and I would not considerer them bad compared to other games from two or for years before.

Graphics are in the line of games as Wolfenstein New Order but the levels are much more bigger. There are a lot of things in the levels but most of these things can not be used and they do not suffer any damage. It is the common in many games these days and I do not find it bad.

In a first moment, I saw the game as a bit bored but I wanted give to it a chance. Now I have played some more of two hours, the second level and few more. But I like it. The story is correct. Being played at easy level is not too difficult and I enjoy it.

This game goes in the line of the previously played Far Cry 3, a game with a big open level where you must find and build things to survive. It is very similar. Curiously, one day of these, Days Gone will be released, another game where you must survive in an apocalyptic scenary. The concept from these games is similar.

As always in most of these games, keys, basic concepts are similar. It is good and it helps. If they were very different, it would take too many time learn these things and probably the game would not be too fun. The unique bad point is how the open level has several parts from you can reach them only by one route. But it does not look very bad by this.

Well. The game was critized by graphics and because it does not add anything new. I do not negate how it could be better but other much more aclaimed games as Wolfenstein New Order were not better. The unique point can be how the Wolfenstein game is from 2014 and this Terminator game is from 2019. But you can not make a game with the technology from the time where the game was release, less if it was developed for a old console.

About do not add anything new, it is true, the concept is as a Far Cry 3. Same style without add any new idea. I like it. The story is in the line of the Terminator story, not in the line of Dark Fate, it is much better.

What about enemies? they are correct, they pursue you if they detect you, you have some bars showing you if you are detected, you can see the health from the enemies targeted, there are many data. Ignoring how it is a clone from Far Cry 3 game, it shows a good Terminator future with the humans living in the remains of the world and the machines trying kill all them. One day alive at this world is a success. Perhaps the atmosphere could be move violent, dramatic, well I have not played too much, I will not be surprised if I see me running away from a T-800. 😛

Balance? The first level or prologue is very easy. The second is easy because it is the place where you learn a lot of things but the third…… my opinion is too difficult because you must avoid some T-800 in a very small amount of space and the lack of a savegame set by you, it makes the game very impossible.

The four level is worse, the amount of enemies and their weapons make the game worse. at the end, it started as a good game but I do not like it. Just the story is not bad. It had been good for a film. But the difficult is too difficult.

I have recorded the complete second level and few more from this game or it can be named as the first level because the begining is more as a prologue. Have fun.

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