Game incursion – Star Wars Republic Commando

Game incursion – Star Wars Republic Commando

Republic Commando is a old shooter from the Star Wars universe made with the Unreal Engine released at 2005. It was the first shooter ambiented in the Clone Wars and without Jedi involved as main character and by this reason I like it. It has very good gameplay and playing at easy level.

However, this game was updated by Disney some years ago and they made a mess, more than a update, it was downdate. The graphic options works very bad and you can not select the correct resolution. The mouse speed as you can see is another problem, one small only in the game menus.

However, fortunately for all us, there is some small mod fixing it and you can play to 1920x1080p as I do without problems. This is the link to one of these fix

With some games, I have troubles with the external capturer but I manage to record two videos about them.

About the game, I find very curious things as how powerful are the super battle droids. They are as the final level monster when they are spawned at big amounts.

There are some enemies very difficult the first time that you find them but after the first encount, they are easier.

I have not played all the game but I have not seen red blood, however, it is the unique game from SW where I have seen Alien blood. Have fun.

I played it before, years ago but never I was more far than the second scenary, now, I am finishing the second scenary. The first is Geonosis and it is very long, enough for to get some hours playing. The second is in one captured by the enemy Acclamator Cruiser and after it, I do not remember more and I do not go to search info about it before I reach the level.

Anyway, it was a good cheap game bought at Steam the past week with the 4 May discount. It can be old but for me, it is more fun than others. Other game bought by me the past week, they were the SW Jedi Outcast and the Jedi Academy. Definitely I go to play them this year. 😛

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