Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – May progress II

Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – May progress II

Half of the month and I continue with my big turrets in the sides improve. In fact I have started to re-make some of the last models edited because I did not like the size from the turrets in the sides. If they are too small, you can not see them in battle and they lose all the graphic point from add them.

With exception from some fixes uploaded this week as the fix from the Death Stars/Tarkin Station invincible hardpoints, all the work from this we week and this mod has been from the side turrets.

However, it added new and more weapons to the Bulkwark MKII and III or to the Golans, these stations gain several changes and improves in the weapons.

There are many type of Golans from different factions and time eras. My goal lately was to create one thing capable of destroy a star destroyer or more without be too powerful. It is one thing that I have been trying for many time and it is not easy. The biggest balance problem can be how if the human player can access easily these things, the defense will be very easy and if it is very easy, it will not be fun. But it will be another part from the improve.

Many starships added these weapons in side and now you can see them easily. It is much more fun. I know, perhaps some people say how they can be unrealistic in comparation with the things seen in films and other sources but truly, they have not showed anything of this and in there are many things saying how most of the weapons from sides would be retractable. However, it is a type of effect that it can not be showed in the game. But I believe how them as this is enough realistic and fun. Yes, they could be smaller but…… look this point, they fire the same weapons than the main turrets and they are smaller, there is not logic if they were as this. By this reason, bigger size is better in all ways.

Not all the ISD add the two bottom frontal turrets, it is a feature taken by me from other sources and I have added in the ships from some heroes. By example the Fase 3 update from the ISD MKII adding better fighters squadrons, it adds all the turrets.

The Acclamator was the origin from the side turrets in the mod. In the original sources there are some pictures, even some ship firing from the sides but turrets in pictures were too small, unrealistic I would say.

I have recorded two videos playing my 4 months ago started Total War GC as a example about how these and other changes do not crash a old savegame.

Lately, I improved the Total War GCs adding more difficult because in them, there was not a final enemy. When you conquer most of the enemy planets, you find a very weak enemy and it is not fun. By this reason, now, when you conquer the final primary planet from an enemy, several planets from the galaxy revolt and they gain forces from that enemy. It is a feature added by the moment in the Total War GC. In other GCs, I go to add similar things. But you do not go to see it at this videos because some changes will not showed in a previously started game.

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