Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Very big ships are not very useful

Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Very big ships are not very useful

The purpose from this thread is more search an improve and understand because these big units are not very useful than other point.

With exception from probably the Supremacy, ships as the Imperium are very few useful at comparation, they are very good targets and their weapons have problems centering in one single target. This point is the difference with the Supremacy, it can center weapons in a single target and the moment that it centers 25 or more weapons in one single target, it can make a lot of damage. But the Imperium can not make it as you can watch at this video.

I have been working a bit around somethings which I could improve. One was increase the health value from shields. Second a bit of work in the weapons. However the first give more chances of survive against these amount of bombers.

Probably you will note how the ship is transparent sometimes, it is normal, these big ships are in one special layer named background and it can show things like these. At the same time, I was working a bit more in the two versions from the Raddus and now remembering, I have a third under development. 😉 I have many things under development but I can not avoid the delays. This is modding.

Anyway, one improve must be remove the blast ability in all ships and to make it automatic because when it is activated, if the unit does not fire the blast, it does not fire other weapons and it looks very bad. You can see the problem with the Raddus. It will take some of time improve it because there are many units with that ability.

Another test from the same battle. Probably you noted several changes here and in the next video because I balance the health from the hardpoints as shields, increased the amount of lasers fired by fighters a lot because it was a bit low and more smaller changes.

Some changes in the Sovereign, I must say how I made a little mess with the Imperial Star Destroyers and Golans showing a wrong size but it was fixed as you can see in the next video.

Anyway, there are some wrong things as the VSD main turrets, they must be smaller. There are many changes relationated with weapons and more incoming. There will be a lot of particle effects from damage added in several small ships which they had not anyone and the normal weapon hardpoints will be replaced by something experimental which I developed for the Star Trek mod adding turrets without show really a turret. The turrets have some good effects as give the ability to the ship from target several units depending from their positions, other hardpoints can not make it.

Other units as the Dragon from the news image will add real turrets, it is more a feature for big ships, not with the smaller units.

Yes, probably you will think the same that me here, some ships spawned by the AI are fully stopped, I must create some code to improve it and the Raddus is too present in the battle, it is the command ship from the fleet builded by the AI by I should replace it by other ship from that fleet, one which it does not be too strong and show the Raddus less spawned by the AI. It is the infinity problem from the AI in the game, to get a good random amount of enemy forces is difficult, very difficult.

At the same time, the past week I returned to my previous non finished work adding some heroes from Rebels. I started it the past xmas and I hope finish it soon but I do not go to release it soon because I do not go to make a big update for some time. However, I will add some fixes one of these days. Nothing breaking your savegames. 😉

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