Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Crazy improve

Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Crazy improve

Probably the title be a surprise and you read this and you think “it is not a crazy improve but when you think how it was a change added in most of the space units in the mod and how I have edited it at few more of two hours, you will see it more as a crazy work.

The point, claimed by some people by good reasons, it was how most of the space ships added a maximun power fire similar to the AT-AT and it was very good when it ran but sometimes, it did not work very well. At the same time, It did not add any particle effect and it was not fired by the turrets from many of the units. By this reason if I saw it with bad eyes in first place, I studied how replace it by a normal power to fire ability but with some improves making it more as a power to fire but running always, firing from turrets added in the ships and adding the particle effect.

Finally I added it. This video shows at few seconds the ability and how it adds a short time of increased fire without be too powerful.

This another video from a battle in a Galactic Conquest. It is the same planet and most of the units showed in some previous videos and you can see how it runs better with many units as the Mandator III, the Bellator, the Allegiance or a Imperial Star Destroyer MKIII.

By good reasons, some special units continue with the other maximun power fire ability, I have not changed it in the Golans by example. They fire are special proyectiles with it as these missiles from the Golan I.

Well, after this improve, I continue working in other mayor improve from all hardpoints in all the space units, another very big thing which it will take a lot of time or at least it has taken. 😎

Perhaps I can release a big update in the begining of the summer. There are chances, just I need finish somethings. This update will not crash your savegames of course. At least not savegames from this year 2021. 😛

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