Game incursion – Far Cry 2 very good game for its time

Game incursion – Far Cry 2 very good game for its time

Two days ago I was finishing this game, Far Cry 2 is 2008 game, from the begining of some good technologies in the computers as cpus with more of 2 cores and better graphic cards with more video memory. By this reason the game can be old but it looks very good. It has a color tone better than much modern games where the colors are too as a pie.

The game was the first game with the Dunia Engine and the first made by Ubisoft. They took the Crytek lisence for the name, some good features and they made a very good game with a open world.

In fact, Far Cry 2 shows two big maps where you can explore almost everything. Just you can not access big mountains, there are rivers, deserts, everything showing a Afrika country where you are a strange mercenary and you can choose several characters showing a different story.

Bad points. The unique bad point are the lack of animals. If this game were remade adding things as Cocodriles and Lions eating you, it would be great. Just there are sounds from the jungle. But it continues being very good.

Orientation in the terrain from this game is the worst seen by me. There is a complete map but it has something that I do not like, it looks strange and it is easy lose the course. But I considerer it a small trouble.

Good points. Playing it in easy level, enemies are not too difficult and you can enjoy discovering the terrain or making the several missions from the campaign. It is a long game for a shooter, I needed 35 hours to complete it. Far Cry 1 took me 15 hours and Far Cry 3 29,3 hours.

Playing it, you will see many things added in the Far Cry 3. The best probably. Anyway, for me the story from Far Cry 2 is better than the crazy story from Far Cry 3.

In addition, Far Cry 2 let you to use a complete fast save. It helps a lot.

I recorded two videos. I bought this game several years ago with a pack adding the Far Cry 1, 2, 3 and the Blood Dragon. Curiously it was the first time that I played them. I like this games to enjoy a part from my free time as escape games.

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