Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – New skirmiss pads

Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – New skirmiss pads

The last skirmiss changes were a small headache for some people, probably because these people played other maps than the maps added in the mod and they have not the correct pads or perhaps because these did not understand how if everything are found directly and easy, it is not fun.

Now you must search a bit around the space maps searching the pads, the unique bad point, it was how the pads were all equal and by this reason I have added several different with a small flag above them. With time, you will relationate them with one special pad.

About because I have replaced the build from some units building other starships as the Supremacy or the Raddus, it is simple, the AI did not build them from that way and the unique alternative was some as a cheat. One feature few random and few fun.

Now the AI builds everything random and mostly as the human player, destroying these pads, you can avoid be attacked by some units. At few words, it is more fun.

The unique thing that I should make, it is replace some of these stations, the Small Golan III for the First Order or Resistance units is not a good idea, just it was the easier thing found by me. However, what I can use, these factions have not customized stations, I do not know, if I find something new, I will add it. πŸ˜‰

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