What am I watching this week?

What am I watching this week?

Well, I have not written too much about this thread the past 12 months. It is because the cinema releases were zero and the new tv series were bad……… πŸ™„

This July, there are several good releases. Curiously the best are in streaming, in fact all them are in streaming.

The best from all is the film named The Tomorrow War, for me, it is the most fun, original and good film from all the year. I did not see come this film, I had waited another thing and when I have watched it, I liked it a lot.

The Tomorrow War was developed at first place as big screen film but with the covi19, the film rights were bought by Amazon and they have released it only inside this streaming channel.

The second is the long waited Black Widow. Another different film to the film waited by me. It has a strange, sometimes fun story. Yes it is the story about Black Widow family, no, it is not as you were waiting. It is not a big spoiler if you were watching the trailers.

However in my opinion Black Widow was released too early, they wanted a big screen release and at the end, they have released it in the cinemas and streaming. Very curious.

Another two good films released few time ago are Infinite and Without Remorse. Both are very good films with good stories.

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