Star Wars Empire at War – Star Trek Alliance – Progress 21/07/21

Star Wars Empire at War – Star Trek Alliance – Progress 21/07/21

12 days after the previous report and the mod advance correctly. I have added the Klingon TNG units, the Borg, I have made several changes in skirmiss, even a few new space skirmiss maps because it required new maps ambiented in Star Trek.

Watching this video you will note first one thing, Fighters are badly made, they have not enough power and the ships can not destroy them easily. It is one problem that I wait fix soon.

Second, the Borgs, they are powerful, the Diamond had a hardpoint trouble but mostly they are correct. In time I will add some small ships from them. Anyway their big units are expensive and they require more population than units from other factions. But you can see how there are troubles attacking them.

Third. The asteroid mines, you need them if you want win but they have a problem, even with shields, they are weak. I had liked them with defensive turrets but by a unknown reason these crashed the game. Now I am thinking other thing, perhaps the old addition from builded defense turrets at smaller pads, probably it is the solution. But first I must make fighters more vulnerable to some weapons as phasers.

I will show when I do these things a video playing with Borgs. They have their own voices and several more features.

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