Star Wars Empire at War – Star Trek Alliance – Progress 30/07/21

Star Wars Empire at War – Star Trek Alliance – Progress 30/07/21

Finishing the month and the mod has progressed a lot. I have improved a lot of features. More relevant are the combat fighters which they had some trouble with their main weapons.

Other main changes are improves in the skirmiss, the stations where you can build units. Now in the main station you can build units by eras and you can build these units in the other pads. For a better understanding watch the videos.

About the Borg, I have improved them a lot, specially the Cube, this huge unit can scare you but you can defeat them. However, I have limited the amount of them in battles because they can easily overload the game. Anyway, they are very fun.

There are several changes in the scale from units, structures, radar images and more.

Asteroid mines can build now small space turrets which they are very good against fighters. It is another addition.

You will note how I have added the normal maximun power fire to most of the units, it can be considered a bit random but with Star Trek units, I like this effect more and I will improve it a bit adding a particle effect.

I have not added other faction ships yet as the TNG Romulan units, before I want make other changes as the voices. I am sure how I can improve them.

If you watch the videos at 100%, you will note how I added new battle music.

Not perfect yet but much more fun now. You can note how the space combat is much better now.

Each video was recorded after several improves, you will note changes between them.

At this video, I tried a new space map from Qo Nos and it shows clearly how if the last map editor accept bigger maps, you can not play in them because you can not use all the space.

You can watch at this video the Defiant pulse phaser effect and I have added a particle effect in the maximun power fire but it is better seen in the Klingon units. I must improve it a bit and it is not the unique thing that I must improve.

At the same time I should add a repair station or some like that.


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