Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – New update

Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – New update

The summer update has arrived! I am kidding because really I was tired from to wait when I can easily upload a new update with a lot of changes/improves.

This new update should not crash your galactic conquest savegames, at least most of them but you do not go to see some of the additions in galactic conquest if you do not start a new game.

At GC, the biggest addition is the Total War GCs where you will get a new challenge when you conquer the enemy main world.

At battles there are a lot more of additions, many changes in weapons, hardpoints, some improves and mainly the weapons behaviour because now, all the weapons are a turret even if you do not see them. I edited all the starships, a huge work.

But the main change is in the fighters spawned by ships where all are reduced to groups of one unit, two or three. It creates a new balance where three wave groups can have a big advantage against single unit wave groups. You will have text data about what is spawned by each ship and what is flying around.

You can watch at this small video a example.

This is not a change improving the performance because the graphics cards have not problems if the game puts in the screen 20 units from the same model/textures, the problems comes when it loads 20 different units.

Of course some people try to play the mod with laptops where the graphics card is integrated or very poor. Intel integrated graphics cards and some poor Nvidia/AMD will show different problems, lag mostly. My recomendation, do not compare the mod with the original game because many models and textures are HD. You will need a better computer.

At the same time the behaviour attacking from fighters and ships is better. Much better. You will note it for sure.

I have added some new units when I told you how I would not add them. 🙂 You can play now with the Resistance Y-Wing, TIE Brute or the Mortar Clone Soldiers.

I have recorded several new videos, each of them are from a stage of the mod and you will see things being improved from the first to the last.

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