Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Death Star

Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Death Star

The Death Star is showed in several versions inside the mod, mainly the Death Star I and II. Next there are the Death Star Prototype builded or found in the Maw depending from the Galactic Conquest. At skirmiss mode it is builded in one of the special pads found in the customized space maps from the mod.

Because it is very big, it has not movement and the rotation is limited. It is more closed to the original idea from the mod because it can disturb other ships.

Weapons? it has turbolaser hardpoints and you can destroy them. Because it is very big, I have not added them more far from the center ring of the station. When you destroy them, you would destroy the station.

I have recorded a battle, a bit overload, you can understand watching it because the unit limits in the mod are as you see. Ah in the last update, I fixed the wrong hardpoints problem in the Death Star and now you can destroy it without problems.

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