Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Progress

Yes, I have uploaded a new update with some fixes for the Hutts, Corporate Sector, Chiss and Hapan in ground skirmiss where there was several problems crashing the game and missing icons.

In addition I uploaded several other improves, some in the sizes from some space units which I continue making them better.

There are some changes in weapons and other things. Mostly searching much more performance. However the previous performance improve was very good.

While I am working with the addition from new factions as the First Order, Resistance, Galactic Alliance and Confederation, I have been playing and improving the Legacy factions, specially I am centered in the Fel/GA faction, playing a Total War GC.

I have made several improves in many units, the TBAA, ground G22 or Imperial Knights are some of them. You can watch most of them in this video.

In this other video, you can note the changes in the size from ships as the Mandator I or II. They were too big, their lenght should not be bigger from 3500 meters. The Supercruiser, the Maelstorm or the Praetor are similar in lenght. Other ships will have similar improves.

In this last video, you can see how the factions as the First Order look at ground skirmiss. It is a thing under development and there will be changes in the units, even some new units. I do not go to reveal nothing before be finished, it is a long shot in time proyect.

Factions as the Resistance, the Galactic Alliance and Confederation, mostly they will use units which you can see in the mod now with the Rebel Alliance. The Rebel Alliance will not lose any of these units. Just these factions will build them.

If you are thinking about it, there will be new heroes with all or some of these factions. I am thinking how I can make a Darth Cadeous in the future. At my opinion, Disney should have made the second galactic civil war instead of the last trilogy but well, I can make it in the mod and I can make the last two films, I am not a big fan from the third.

Well, the next months, we will see where this new journey ends. 😉


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