Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Battery of improves

Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Battery of improves

I am working in a battery of improves, many of them for the Legacy factions era but there are other improves for other factions. Many of these additions are improves in units and adding things which you not find in these factions.

By example, specially the Legacy and CW factions had a lack resources, they could not build the Trade Station or the Casino or the orbital mines. Playing a normal GC from their era was a not problem but playing a Total War, it was difficult to win when you lose the initial amount of credits.

Other problem was the lack of Fleet and Ground Commanders in the Legacy factions. Now the Fel/GA faction has two ground commanders and two fleet commanders. It will help you destroying the big enemy fleets.

Krayt faction will have one space commander and one ground commander.

Other change is the ground shield generator. Some factions used a big turret as the CW factions. I have changed it by the normal shield. The big turrets are used only by the Republic and CIS.

A change for all factions, it is a the biggest SSD and other powerful units builded by the AI. In the past it was limited, next I remove these limits but truly you get tired from destroy them. I have added limits again and probably I will make a method where the AI receives some of these units after some situations more advanced in the game, at least for the Total War GCs.

Anyway, I can not say to the AI what it must build at 100%. It is very random and things as the cost and power of the units marks a lot what it is builded by the AI.

A lightly bigger Total War GC have all chances from be added. 120 planets probably runs without big troubles and I would add more planets with resources because now there are more important planets but they are not good giving you resources.

At the same time, I have added an improve from the code spawning the starships in different heights. This code was made by * Small_Pox: Original concept and implementation./ * Lukas “Kad_Venku” Grünwald: Several updates and full rewrite.

It works much better and avoid the problem where sometimes in some space maps by unknown reason some space units leave the hyperspace in the center of a map.

These are some of the last improves making some factions better and the mod more improved. I want remember you how from the previous update the mod receives a big performance boost in the space battles.


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