New old Star Trek games added at GOG

New old Star Trek games added at GOG

Few time ago, several old Star Trek games were added in GOG. Some of these games are not nothing from the other world or the older cd versions worked without problems at Windows 10 but others gave several troubles after few years with new new Windows.

It is the case from the StarFleet Command III, never I could work it at Windows 10 without problems and it is a good game, not so good as the StarFleet Command II or its expansion Orion Pirates, both are probably the best from the these Star Trek games and probably all the fans wait a release at GOG.

For me, the Star Trek Away Team, the two Elite Force games, Bridge Commander, the SFC 3 and the Hidden Evil are very good options. All them are games which they do not look too bad these days and put you in places from Star Trek than you can not find these days in other games.

I hope the release from more of these Star Trek Games one day. Star Trek The Fallen, Star Trek StarFleet Command II, StarFleet Orion Pirates, Star Trek Klingon Honor Guard, Star Trek Deep Space 9 Dominion Wars or Star Trek Klingon Academy are some of the missing games in GOG, at least half of them present a problem in modern computers and they would be a great addition for GOG.

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