New good TV series emited now

New good TV series emited now

First from all Foundation, based in the books from Isaac Asimov. Foundation is the story from the fall of a future Galactic Empire. This serie has space travel, ground combat, fantastic planets and a good story. Everything have a very good level of detail.

Now remembering, Foundation is a very good Tv serie but……it had been better if they had made the story written by Vernor Vinge – A Deepness in the Sky where curiously he spoke about how all civilizations colapse after some of time. That story had been much more fun and fantastic, I recomend you that book if you have not read it.

Now remembering, I am sure how some of the star designs seen in this new serie are very similar to others seen in a game. What do you think? 😮

Second Y The Last Man based in a comic serie with the same name.  If you have read the book, you will find strange in the begining the TV serie because it changes a lot. Most of the changes are welcome because the book showed a lot of things which they had been very critized these days. At least in the first four episodes is not very explored the Amazons idea, a group of woman destroying almost everything, some characters look very different and probably there are less violence if it is possible in a story where the world fall apart at few days.

However, the story is good, different in some ways to others, interesting, even sometimes fun. Before we wait other TV series, we can watch it and enjoy our free time.

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