Game incursion – TIE Fighter Total Conversion reimagined

Game incursion – TIE Fighter Total Conversion reimagined

Some years ago, the old Xwing games were released at GOG and it opened the door to several very good modding improves in some of these games. The old problems with graphic cards were fixed and the last game released by Totally Games was improved to the maximun level with mods as the Xwing Alliance Upgrade

At the same time, there were mods as the TIE Fighter Total Conversion for the Xwing Alliance using the stuff from the Xwing Alliance Upgrade mod. With this, the difference is clear. Good graphics in a 20 years old game.

Other addition from the TFTC is the reimagined missions because in the original missions from the TIE Fighter which you can play if you want, there are several things which they could be better and others run better with the last additions in this mod from XWA.

I have recorded video from the missions played by the moment and I will record more, we will see if I can finish all. 😛

In addition, there is a Xwing Redux mod made for the Xwing Alliance, you can find the 5.0 version for the last Xwing Alliance Upgrade here It adds even the Rebel part from the XvT. I must try one day. 🙂

I play easy because being reimagined who knows what you can find in the missions and as you can see in the videos is not so easy as the original. The unique thing that I do not like, it is the mission map, I do not remember if I can pause it but in the old TIE Fighter it paused the game and you can think a tactic. Now…….well, everything go too fast.

You can compare with the older GOG TIE Fighter.

You can find all the previous videos recorded from the TIE Fighter here


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