Star Wars Empire at War – Star Trek Alliance – Progress 09/10/2021

Star Wars Empire at War – Star Trek Alliance – Progress 09/10/2021

Well, slowly compared with the Star Wars mod but fast, I have completed the addition from the new TNG space units from Romulans. Just I must make some improves in the weapon colors from the Scimitar because it does not fire exactly green disruptors.

Speaking from the Scimitar, even if it is a Reman unit, it is Romulan and clearly it will be a hero. I can imagine some feature where in a battle with this unit, all the other Romulan units change the faction and attack your Scimitar. Have fun. Perhaps the addition from more Reman units be not a bad idea. I know how in the STO there are some other starships used by them, most of them nothing special because they are previously Romulan units but if I would add them, I would paint them with darker units, perhaps even I would make a new faction only for them. Who knows. Everything can happen.

Some of these Romulan units can look very huge but they are big, much more bigger than the much more smaller units from other factions.

I have recorded a small video playing with Romulans, there are some wrong things as always in a first in game test but it looks very promising.

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